Nestled in the lush pine forest and vibrant tomato fields, each of the fifteen uniquely designed homes boasts panoramic views of the Kasauli hills. Experience authentic luxury with exceptional living spaces and incredible valley views showcased by high ceilings and expansive windows, open stairways, and sweeping verandas.


Imagine the soft breeze making you more alive than you have ever felt and you experience life that has been numbed by the contemporary world, a blissful sense of awakening. Here, seemingly ordinary moments transform you for good. Amid the abundant life between the pine trees, stary skies, and whispering woods, you escape to a private paradise.

At The Koro House, nature is right beside you. Even when lounging on a sofa, you will feel as if you are relaxing outdoors, listening to the soft breeze of the surrounding forests.

2 Bedrooms
1 Kitchen
1 Balcony
2 Bathroom
1 Living rooms

Super Built-Up Area : 1250 sq.ft.


Property Report :

Return on Inverstment 90%
Build up Quility 89%
After Sale Service 92%
Location 94%
Pricing 95%