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Rent Vs Buy? Let’s Answer

Which option is better? Today renting and buying is a major decision to take when it comes to . Both the options may be better to choose according to person perspective. There are certain things that affect renting and buying. As both the options have some pros and cons it might get difficult to choose. Sometimes renting seems to be a better option as it is affordable. All the decision making process comes down to the financial factors.  In some of the cases you want a place to call your own. Buying a house can bring constancy and stability. You can think about your life goals and career as well.

What is Renting a house means?

Renting is conformity where a payment is made for the momentary use of a good, service or property owned by other. Owner receives a payment from the tenant in return to occupying the property. Rental properties can be either residential or commercial. Owner may also be allowed to take certain tax deduction like advance interests.

What is Buying a house means?

Buying is an appealing investment approach which can be both productive and gratifying. Owing home means a long term commitment. Buying is making regular amortized payments. Payments include down payments, maintenance and repair payments etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying and renting


Renting can be cheaper than buying a home. Most leases are for 12 months. Renting a house allows you to explore different living spaces. It provides you mobility. It allows you to move freely. By renting one can invest their money in other assets i.e stock markets or mutual funds. There is no vacillation in monthly expenses. Also, it may cover utility costs. There’s no or minimal maintenance costs.

On the other hand buying a house is a long term financial obligation. You can be home stable and have plenty of time to think of many other ideas of investment. You have your own living space and can customize according to your desires. You build even handedness over time. Your privacy is protected. Your costs are conventional and more stable than renting. Moreover delight in home ownership ties you closely to your community.


There is no tariff break for renting. Rent may increases over time. . In renting house costs are not fixed. Landlord is the master. He may stop renting property or might sell it. There’s no building of equity.

Buying a home means responsibilities of maintenance and repair. This includes inexpensive repairs to costly ones. Your relation with your community makes it more difficult to leave the location. Buying a home reduces flexibility. One have to pay the mortgage or just pay off home altogether. Closing costs can be exorbitant.  The value of house may not increase over time. One may face foreclosure.

Factors affecting renting or buying a house

One must keep in mind few things before taking any decision.

Financial factors

Real estate appreciates in long term. Financial factors can affect the views and person to person perspective. As renting is cheaper and affordable, one can invest utility costs in stocks mutual funds and other assets. The average monthly costs of renting is sum of rents and maintenance costs. Contingent upon buying a house, some people contemplate interest as rent on borrowed money. So there are multiple views and factors that affects renting or buying a house.

Qualitative factors

These factors are concerned with safety and security of an individual.  They also affect the long term commitments. A home is not just four walls and a roof but it ignites a range of emotions and sentimental values in us. For some people it is comfort and securities while for others its badge of status and proficiency.

Things that may help you decide:

Market conditions

Renting and buying also depends on the settings of the market.  One may end up with the questions like which type of interest you can get or which type of deal you can get. Buying a house is better in long terms but if you are a kind of wanderer renting fits you best.

In case of renting we save down payments which can be invested to get better interests.

Establishing the social patterns

By buying your own house you can set a symbol of proficiency and prosperity. By this option you can intensify your social status symbolically.

 No compromise

Buying a house minimize the option of compromise. By buying a house you are the decision maker of your house. You don’t have to follow the rules of any owner. By buying a house financial stability also increases. But on the other hand in renting option you have the lower risks of maintenance of the house.

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