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Factors that affect buying a house!!

Money management is the decisive factor for buying a house. All the other factors are dependent upon it. As this is a crucial decision for everyone in their lifetime so you should appraise your financial status. 

The very important step for buying a house is savings and opting a home loan. There are some basic steps to fulfil all your dreams to buying a house.

  1. Maintain your savings –
Household Saving Rates 2021 | Global Finance Magazine

This is a very important step for buying a house. This is the main basis of any purchase decision. The reason simple people can’t buy is what they can’t afford. The need for a product also does not play a role here, but the most important thing is affordability. 

In addition to all the expenses on you and your family from your monthly income, the person should save 10-20% of their monthly income so that they can use it at the right time.

  1. Clear all your current dues –
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To achieve your dream for buying a house you should clear all your existing debts so that this couldn’t affect buying a house idea. 

This will inspire to take a step ahead in the direction of your dream. After this you can distribute your money in your basic needs and invest in real estate sector.

  1. Pricing 
How Your SaaS Pricing Affects Your Target Audience | by Marvin J. Strauss |  Better than sure.

Take the initiative towards this step and instruct your bank so that they transfer 10-20% of your monthly income in the starting of month and you can spend the rest of income for your monthly basic need without worrying about your savings. And when time comes then you need not be worry about your investment in real estate purchase or taking a home loan.

In a country like ours, which is extra sensitive to the price market, of course prices matter. The cost is not limited to monthly EMIs, including registration and other related costs like stamp duty, utility, union fee/maintenance fee and insiders. These are equally important and add to the overall budget. 

In addition, low interest rates on home loans as well as reduction in income tax on it are important as other costs. Smart pricing of properties is always an immediate communication in converting visitors into customers.

  1. Location of the real estate sector –
Bringing Location Insight To Rental Real Estate Planning -Ismail Khan - BW  Businessworld

Before investing in real estate purchase, you should be 100% confident about the location that in future what will be the profit of the current location. 

Invest your money thoughtfully and think about returns. Location preferences are mainly controlled by factors such as city centres, easy commutes or immediacy to work, access to basic and emergency services, and other important services.

Location also multiplies the chances of higher returns on investment.

  1. Seller reputation

The image of the brand is very important while choosing the property. Seller reputation plays an important role in customer purchase behaviour in real estate aspect. Positive image always proves beneficial and results in increase in sales and revenue. 

On the buyer’s front, security is always related to time delivery, litigation-free property, sanctioned approval, quality and good customer service. Therefore, choosing bad reputation for brands on these matters may lead to opposition from buyers. 

  1. Research on local schools:
As Chandigarh records a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases, parents respond in  negative to an online consent survey about going back to school | Cities  News,The Indian Express

Obviously, school quality very important factor while buying a house for your children. Every parent wants to provide their children best education. 

So, whenever you plan to buy a house keep it in your mind and do research on the local schools, educational institutions in that particular area.

  1. Check out the local community activities:
The Power of Financial Aid | LOCAL COMMUNITIES

According to your interest like music, theatre or any other fun activities that enhance and boost communities check out the local community activities. So that you can make some time for yourself and enjoy your passion.

  1. Get an expertise advice from the best real estate advisor:
How to Find the Best Financial Advisor or Expert - Laura D. Adams

When you plan to buy a house then you need some expertise advice in real estate market. So, study some real estate experts and pick the nest expert for you. 

So that he can guide you the best in fulfilling your home dream according to your budget and prefer location.

  1. Features, size and lay out
3 Bedroom Apartment/House Plans

Once the initial values and locations are narrowed down, look at the next big step, feel, see and finalize the layout of a permanent residence. 

A dream home is much more than just needing to meet; It is about fulfilling one’s wishes. Some may dream of waking up every morning to see sunset rise on a lake, while others hope for picturesque snow-covered mountains or ambient greenery. 

Bedrooms, balconies, spacious living rooms, architectural sizes – all go a long way in fixing the property that wants to invest.


So, whenever you plan to buy a house keep these points in your mind and make a list according to your preference and follow these instructions and get your dream home. 

A house is not just a calculated investment but also an emotional one. It is a place where someone finds solace; It’s a place where memories of a lifetime are made. 

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