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Choosing Colors: How to choose colours for Home!

Homebuyer who prefers buying a custom house has very vast color alternatives whereas investors investing in rental properties have no choice. They will get what their former owner had chosen.

Choosing colours for your own house can be the best experience for a home owner. Right colors can amend apparent warmth and make space feel warmer or cooler. They modify perceived space and make space sense larger, or comfier and more cherished. Also illuminate shady areas. They craft vagueness and romance in dull areas. They also rejuvenate inert areas.

Colors tend to have a psychological and corporal impact on us, therapists say. 

Also, color effects are subtle and significant. Many colors can be soothing, tranquil and harmonizing but on the other hand some can amplify metabolism, grounds eye strains or may also boost blood pressure.

For example, right green color can be comforting but at the same time if we pick a wrong green like electric green will not be relaxing at all.

Here are some suggestions for choosing colours:

Start with small area like accent wall or you can use a bathroom for this little adventure. Small areas are easy to color and get results sooner so that you can decide.

Mood is good. Area is most important while selecting colors. 

In bedroom you can select colors which are relaxing and soothing and restful. Shades of deeper blue and green or neutral are much relaxing and creates a quieter environment. 

In dining area, you can use sturdy shades to feel more sociable. Pick hues of sort of bright colors for kids’ room so that they feel more active and energetic. Make sure not to pick much bright colors as they can cause petulance. 

Learn the color terminology first. Learn color hues. how dark or light color it is. Which shade will be more suitable? Choose colors that are more saturated than off whites or light pastels. 

Intensity is brilliance of a color. Two or more closely related pastel colors can create a luminous effect if used in a same room.

You have to pay little more attention to lighting of the house. Strong colors can be too vivid and devastating when light hits. But in indirect light they can be more effective.

Add some more profundity to house walls by accumulation of some attractive finishes and subtle texture paints. Also, gleaming metals and tinted glazes add depth to walls.

Most importantly follow the colour wheel. A small colour wheel is a great indication tool for modifying and intensifying two or more colors. You will know that how many colors can be beautiful when painted together. Color wheel illustrate the visual warmth of a color. Create slight variations within a shade with distinct paint finishes on walls and trim in one space.

Here are few colors with their significance


Red is color of fire and blood. It signifies zeal, love, liveliness, danger, willpower and desires. It is very emotionally intense color. It enhances metabolism.


It is mainly associated with joy, fascination, creativity, attraction and encouragement. It is the color of wisdom and integrity. It triggers mental activity and hence rejuvenates our mind as well as body.


It signifies amusement. It is associated with optimism and pleasure. It is good for small sized homes. It is also associated with sun gods and also, it’s the color of gold.


Green symbolizes nature. It is the color of life. It signifies freshness, wealth, harmony renewal and environment. Green is a fresh color and often known for its calming effect.


Blue is tint of sky and sea. It signifies serenity, devotion, conviction, intelligence and wellbeing. It is associated with profundity and constancy.  Different shades of blue also have a positive effect on mind and body. It slows human metabolism and features a calming effect in rooms. Rooms with blue color appear to be bigger than the original size.


Also known as purple color. The color purple is often allied with royalty, decency, lavishness, supremacy, and ambition. Purple also represents meanings of riches, extravagance, originality, insight, self-esteem, magnificence, commitment, tranquillity, delight, vagueness, sovereignty, and magic in darker hues.


Pink is color of compassionate love, romance and caring. It represents the emotion of receiving and giving, understandings and fondness. Pink is mostly ideal for bedrooms.


Black is allied with the water element and evokes power, mystery, and quiet. It’s associated with sadness, sexuality, formality, and sophistication. Besides being sleek, black is versatile and can be combined with any color. It can be used as a distinctive color with light coloured walls.


White represents peace and perfection. It is color for grace, light, innocence and virginity. It has optimistic connotation. White is frequently used to represent coolness and simplicity.

The color white affects the mind and body by aiding in intellectual clarity, promoting emotions of unsullied beginnings and restitution, supporting in refinement, clearing obstacles and clutter, and cheering the purification of beliefs and actions.

Within the psychology of colors, warm colors show excitement, optimism, and creativity; cool colors symbolize peace, calmness, and harmony. Discover the right color which perfectly suits your thoughts, mood and room.

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