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How Vastu Helps Bring Positivity in Home?

Vastu shastra is simply the science of architecture. It is the traditional Indian system of architecture which is practiced in Hindu community or we can say that it is an ancient Vedic science which deals with the proper framework of the house. The essential premise of vastu for house is that there is always invisible pragmatic energy flow. 

Vastu shastra combines the five elements of nature and cosmos, ultimately balancing with man and the material. The five elements called ‘Panchbhootas’– earth, fire, water, sky and space paves a way for enlightenment, happiness and prosperity. 

Vastu for house has been a part of construction for long times and we have firm faith in it.

Bring good fortune to your home with help of Vastu Shastra

Homes are the safest places and one while outlaying a property wants it to be perfect in every possible way including Vastu shastra as well. 

In country like India it is important to keep in mind the terms of vastu shastra while buying a home. Vastu helps in bringing harmony and happiness as well as wealth in your life. Vastu shastra helps to bring good luck to home. So here are few tips which might help while buying home.

For main entry foyer or doorway

  • The entrance of home is most important as all the energy enters from the doors. Main door creates life in the home. The door of main entrance should make of finest wood quality to magnetize all the optimistic energy. Most importantly the doorway must face north, north-eastern or east. This bearing allows morning sunrays to fall on the door and hence enters the house. You should keep in mind that you should not buy a house facing south or west.
  • The length of main door should be more than the other doors. According to Vastu shastra main door should be large as all the optimistic energy is entered through this door.
  • Main door can either be single shutter or two shutter doors but it is better if its two shutters. It should open in clockwise way.
  • Vastu shastra emphasizes on illumination of the main door. It should be well lightened and brightened up.
  • Beautiful and attractive name plate matters. Placed on front door it invites happiness prosperity and success.
  • The doorway should have a strip of stone or wood placed below the entrance of the house to shun wealth loss from the house.
  • Shoe racks should be kept away from the main door.

For Pu++ja room

Puja room is as important as any other room in home. It oozes a positive aura and peace in home. It helps to get to a meditative state of mind and ensures that you connect to your inner self.

  • North east direction is considered ideal for puja room. It is perfect as to harnesses utmost energy from sun.
  • It is best to place your pooja room on the ground floor.
  • Puja room should be small with a low ceiling. A low ceiling helps to get meditative state easily.
  • The idol should be placed few inches away from the wall. Envelop it with aroma of incense candles and sticks.
  • Set up the spiritual room with light and pleasant color walls to create a meditative atmosphere.
  • Illuminate the puja room well. Divas can be placed or some artificial lights may also work.

For living room

  • This is the most important part of your as you spend most of the times in this room. Here you spend some special cherishable moments with your family and relax after your whole day busy schedule and welcome your guests, friends & relatives.
  • Your living room should be well arranged and chaos free. All the things in the living room should be arranged in a manner.
  • You can place a wind chime of metal balls on the windows of the living room so that you can hear the calming sound in the living room and it is also believed that alleviating chiming sound of the bells which removes negative energy from your house.
  • The electrical appliances should be placed at South East section of this room and the furniture like sofa set should be placed at south west side.

For Bedrooms

  • This is your personal sanctum where you spend some quality time with yourself. It is very important to design your bedroom according to your desires and taste but you should also keep in mind the vastu for house tips.
  • Most suitable direction for your bedroom is southwest direction as it brings in healthy and happy environment.
  • There should be beautiful flashing and folksy shades on the walls of your bedroom as it has positive influence on your body and mind.
  • The mirror in your bedroom shouldn’t reflect your bed as it has negative impact so keep in that way.

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