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Site visits: Important or not while buying a home

Want to buy your dream property? Investing as a home buyer? It is important to visit site often. What is site visiting? Why is it important? When is the right time?  These questions usually strike the mind while we are at the decision of buying a home. Right? 

You must check in to the property you are going to buy on daily basis.

It is important to ascertain if claims made by developers are authentic or not. 

Site visit can help buyer to reassure if the property claims are as, it is as promised by the developers. It helps the investors to know more about the actual arrangement of the property. It also keep a check if there’s any divergence from the actual promised claims.

Reasons for site visit before buying a home 

As buying a property is a big investment and purchase is a high price we should know and understand what are we buying and what are we getting.

Here are some of the reasons for doing a site visit:

Believing what you see is our basic temperament. But as owning a property involves a huge amount of money to be invested, you must assess the property very vigilantly before you buy one.


It is important to understand the amenities provided with the property. Various amenities you are offered when buying a project ranges from clubhouse, swimming pools, 24/7 gyms, dispensaries, community centers, gaming spaces and sometimes parks.

Visiting site will help to get a closer look and to verify if these amenities are provided as promised or not. Also, you will get to know if these amenities are chargeable separately or the cost is included in total cost of apartment.

Cost and quality

Total cost of project and quality of maintenance and construction is important to know. By site visit, you can check the brands of materials used for construction and reviewing the eminence of construction is important. It can cost you higher maintenance if there’s a ample of amenities and spatial upholding requirements.

It is important to know the kind of fittings, fixtures and electrical apparatus that is being used. 

Also, it is important to keep track of brands of this equipment that are being used. It will help you avoid any malfunctions which may affect the quality. 

Also, site visit will help to see the quality of repairs and to interface with the developer to assure whether he will take up the liability of repairs. Extent of insurance costs can also get reduced if the builder will take the responsibility of repairs.


Property buyer should look for progress in construction whether it is as promised or not. Site visit can help to check the pace of construction.

Timely possession of property is very important. Delivery of any project by the project developer depends on if developer offers to pay interest on home loans till possession. 

So, it is important to examine the availability of any interest grant schemes that can be paid by project developer.

Location and surroundings

Location is most important criteria while buying any property. It is important to know what kind of surroundings you come up with. You should check that the project developers should be keeping in mind issues like traffic. 

Location is important because you home values increases if there are better roadways, hospitals, schools, offices and other networks nearby.

You can get higher price appreciation and rental income depending on investment potential like major infrastructure like metro and highways etc.

Virtual tours are also high in demand in times of corona virus pandemic. Get more idea about the location with 360 Degree virtual walkthrough.


It is important to ascertain the legality of structure and it is very well assured in a site visit. Keep in mind to understand and know all the legal documents of the property significantly and also ascertain all the important land ownership. 

Also check for the agreement that let your possession complete. Site visit help buyer to assure the genuineness of claims made by developer.

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Although it is easier to get all the details of a project on official websites on internet but this advent of technology has increased the need of site visits in actual world. 

Real estate websites have made it easier to get what you need to know about the property you are interested in. the photographs and videos on internet can get you a virtual tour of property but the site visit is also impactful. 

Buyers must validate the information by visiting sites by their own as there are many cases of false and ambiguous information on the internet. Site visit and personal inspection can never be replaced as it helps us to examine the project. 

As property investment is a long-term commitment one should not risk it by just the virtual tours and believing in internet. Have a look to you dream house or property by yourself and make a better choice.

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