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Why 2 BHK Flats Are one of the Most Demanding Inventories?

2 BHK flats or units are a big hit among buyers these days. Well, it is a very right time to invest in property market as some of the leading developer brands are making into the emerging real estate market. Home buyers who are interested or yet to start a new family mostly prefers 2 BHK apartments these days.

It is well known that the factor of demand and supply works both ways. The demand of bigger units is higher as compared to the smaller ones, but 2 BHK flats are very much affordable and convenient. These flats market availability is much higher than any other 3 BHK or 4 BHK apartments.


Price is one of the most important things home buyers or investors keep in mind. Obviously, one must consider their financial situations. The average prices for 2 BHK apartment are close to 35 lac and this may vary according to locality and amenities provided. As one can see that real estate market has mainstream of buyers from middle revenue and high middle-income division of the society and 40% of which opted for 2 BHK apartments particularly.

There are some of the benefits of having 2 BHK apartments:

Easy to maintain at low investment:

Upholding of this apartment is easy in a complex as compared with the bigger apartments or villas. Howsoever, it may be higher than the 1 BHK apartments but the cost increment is not so significant. 

Although these flats are also provided with agencies that take care of services such as electrical works and repairs, plumbing, security etc. You should ensure that the maintenance charge remains lower than a 3 BHK or 4 BHK.

Better utilization:

Acknowledging the lavishness, you accomplish a larger area with less expenses moreover is an elementary appeal that makes 2 BHK units further prevalent among home buyers. Also buyer should mind the available resources. 

2bhk units are cozy and offer optimum utilization of space. These units turn out to be best choice for modern nuclear families.

Resale and cost analysis:

We all know that India is a very cost sensitive market. Buying a new house has always been a superior determination and also a very important decision to make. So, price is generally the most important determining factors of all. 

Buying 2 BHK is the smartest preference for anyone who is contemplating purchasing a new apartment. It will bid you a superior expand ability along with better resale worth in the future.

Family planning:

Indian societies are well known for family orientation. Home for them is a stable place where they cherished moments and shared the bond of love, faith, believe and togetherness. One should invest according the plans of future. 

Although 1 Bhk units are enough for single person but the addition to the family it may starts to feel cramped. Any person willing to get married should be looking forward to buy a house as budget is moderate at early stages of career. 

Budget factors should be considered in perspective of future plans. Thus, 2 Bhk units become the apparent minimum pick.

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